6 Best Host In Indonesia To 2021 (Speed Test!)

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Ibbroker.canovel – The Best Web hosting in Indonesia with fast, reliable, and has a lot of features with an affordable price. You do not need to spend a lot of money to build a great website, no matter where Your target audience.

Who is the owner of the website over Indonesia in the year 2021? You can choose the winner, for a variety of reasons which we will discuss below!

Our mission is to buy an account from a different web host to see how well their performance. Since 2014, Bitcatcha have purchased and installed more than 70 test locations, and monitor its performance since that time.


Speed Niagahoster pretty good when accessed from a location that is far enough, for example the United States (216 md) and Sao Paulo (355 md). From the results of our monitoring, You can choose also has facilities in responsive life and the choice of method of payment which is quite complete.

Niagahoster is equipped with Imunify360 … which will make Your website immune to cyber attack … that is not invited.

Niagahoster also have cPanel spa, where users can set their web according to your needs. CPanel page, also simple, making it suitable for users who are still beginners.

They also provide a tool-a tool that is unique and does not share web site anywhere, suitable for you who want to rank a site on page of Google search to optimize for specific keywords.

ID Hostinger

Hostinger fast enough when accessed from outside the region. They have the same speed with Niagahoster when accessed from Sao Paulo (346 md), and the speed of 246 md when accessed from London. Hostinger currently have 7 data centers across the world, the spread in the US, Uk, Netherlands, Singapore, Brazil, the EU, Indonesia, and the country they originated in Lithuania.

Hostinger has a team of highly competent and offer payment methods that are popular among users in Indonesia. This is a better value, given their position as a web hosting that comes from outside of Indonesia.

In technical terms, they offer a dashboard is very user-friendly, including for those who still lay in the world of web hosting. Hostinger also provides the domain free and offers the capacity of the SSD, which has no limits.

With the package Hostinger premium, Your website will be spared from the problem of downtime within a few tens of visitors accessing the website simultaneously.

Kinsta makes it makes it

Next is kinsta makes it make a list of premium WordPress formed in 2013 by a team of experts cult of WordPress. The result was the host has the knowledge is very profound about WordPress!

To understand how quickly kinsta makes it making it, We set up 2 test site and put it in the speed of the Bitcatcha us. Kinsta makes it makes it scored a rating of A+ which is impressive for both!

And even though the location test was held from the data center of Iowa, the average speed of their Asian is 180 md-not at all bad. Imagine how much more quickly if You hosted from one data center kinsta makes it makes it in Asia.


Rumahweb is the provider of the web service host local physical server located in Indonesia.

Based on the report of the examiner speed server Bitcatcha, Rumahweb has a speed which is far below the three Web hosting Before. The average global speed them is 196 md, while the speed of access to the countries of the Asia and Oceania is 138 md.

Rumahweb located in Jogjakarta and they have been operating since 2002. At the time of starting the web service host, Rumahweb only have 1 server. At this time they already have 30 servers located in Indonesia, United States, and Singapore.

Reviews from local sources say, Rumahweb is a hosting provider with number of users in 2019.


From the results of our search, Exabytes is a hosting company that originally stood in Malaysia since 2001 and currently has data centers located in the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In their official site is written that they have 100 thousand customers from 121 countries with 100 thousand more web sites and 1 million email accounts.


After we explore in depth, it turns out quite a lot of also the web service provider in Indonesia with a physical server located in Indonesia. What is included in it.

Bitcatcha have tested the speed of their servers, and the full results can be seen here. It turns out that what has the speed of the global average which is far below the leading provider of the internet in this article, namely 197,3 md and 146,25 MDD with the average speed of the Asia and Oceania.

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