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Ibbroker.canovel.org – Credit Without Collateral to hard liquid? Application fintech peer to peer lending or loan online can be the solution. You can borrow a certain amount of money in a matter of days, even on the same day. Flower pinjmaan also quite competitive compared to borrow at the bank or KTA.

However, most people are still afraid of trying the online loan application. Moreover, a lot of the news that the personal data of borrowers disebarkanluaskan company loan providers because of the delinquent payment. For those of You who want to borrow through fintech P2P, make sure the company is registered and supervised by otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). As of 1 February 2019, the FSA published a list of companies pinjol registered and have a permit.


Loans in KoinWorks is a loan online without warranty of nonbank so You can easily get a loan fast. Koinworks promising online registration process is fast and flexible, can be done anywhere and anytime. The loan is submitted and approved will only be charged interest on the loan is low ranging from 0.75 to 1.67 percent per month with no hidden fees. As for the funding provided could reach $ 250 million.


Interest on the loan pinjol Investree vary, depending on the type of loan. Investree has two financing products, the financing of the bill and seller financing online. Finance bill has an interest rate between 12-20 percent per year or a minimum of 1 percent per month. Meanwhile, for the financing of sellers online, flowers of the loan ranges from 0.9 percent per month with a value of a maximum interest of 24 per cent per year. Interest calculation can be different depending on the results of the assessment of the individual borrower. Investree also have loan facilities to employees with the flowers ranges from 20-55 percent per year. It was also determined from the results of a system of credit scoring Investree.

Lay down the law

lay down the law in focus offers loan products P2P lending for SMES local. SMES get the funds needed for the capital of the business. The interest rate is fairly low, i.e. ranging from 12 percent per year. In addition to interest, the borrower is charged an administrative fee of 3 percent of the loan money. As for the ceiling of the loan ranges between Usd 50 million to Usd 2 billion. The advantage of using my stock which You can borrow without the need to ensure assets.


Total Interest offered KlikACC ranging from 1 percent flat monthly in accordance with the type of loan products or based on the credit analysis of the prospective borrower. The applicator is a focus on the funding of productive capital to SMES so that it can develop a business that they have. The value of the loan can be given by KlikACC amounted to Usd 4 million to Usd 2 billion.


With borrow in Akseleran, You can get loans with interest ranging from 6,48 to 17 percent flat per year. At least the interest monthly 0.5 percent to 1.4 percent. Akseleran can adjust the tenor of the loan, the type of collateral, and the frequency of payment of the loan installments in accordance with the conditions of the borrower. This app also charge you a fee of 0.25 percent per month of the total loans of the liquid as well as the notary fees and the process of legal documentation.


In Contrast to most applications pinjol other, Taralite offers online credit with a guarantee. The best accepted is the motor vehicle in the form of proof of ownership (REGISTRATION) and home ownership. Type this guarantee determine the interest rate charged to borrowers. The interest on the loan ranges from 1 percent flat per month for the best car REG and a Certificate of Ownership of the House. While to the best BPKB motor subject to an interest charge of 2 percent flat per month. The filing of the fund can start from $ 2 million up to a maximum of Usd 500 million with a tenor of 3-12 months.


Aktivaku provide a level of open range between 14-21 percent per year, depending on the credit value of each of the borrower. given between 1 month to 2 years. Provided funding could reach $ 2 billion with a tenor of 1 month up to 2 years. Aktivaku have a few products, namely Credit Take Over for the process of transfer credit facilities; Project Financing to finance productive activities that will be the source of the Borrower’s payment; Mortgage or credit ownership of the property given to buy a home to live through the developer in cooperation with Aktivaku; as well as Supply Chain Financing (SCF) which is given to the parties in the supply chain work that comes from the employer.


Amartha is one of the pioneers of fintech P2P lending specifically targeting women to dimodali business. The applicator can provide a loan of about Usd 3 million with interest of 15 percent per year, or 1.25 percent per month. Amartha bridge partners who apply for a loan to open warung sembako or develop production business know the scale of the home. As for the.the tenor of the loan given to about 50 weeks.


Credit invoila intended for business entities-shaped PT or CV that require venture capital. Invoila promising interest rates that are affordable for the loan gets approved, i.e. 1-1,7 per cent per month. How do online registration at the website which can be done in a short and easy. The ceiling of loans ranging from Usd 8 million to Usd 400 million. The main requirements that must be met borrowers, among others, its business has been in operation for at least 1 year, have a TIN of personal or business entities, as well as domiciled in jakarta and Bandung.

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