Daftar Broker Saham Terbaik di Indonesia yang Sudah Terdaftar OJK

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Ibbroker.canovel.org – Stock Broker is a company that has permission to perform the sale and purchase of shares in the capital market. Stock Broker existing laws, you know, in the law Number 8 year 1995 concerning capital market explained that the broker is part of the member of the stock exchange, a broker-dealer must have permission of the institute of Bapepam-LK or currently named the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

Broker or are you known by the company of securities or the name of other stock broker has the right to use the system and a means of exchange according to the rules of Bursa efek Indonesia (BEI).

Well, now you can understand the role of stock brokers in the capital market. Easy to make, this company will be an intermediary so that you as an investor can buy shares. Unfortunately, not all brokers or stock brokers it better. There are some brokers stocks that have performed poorly or less good. On the other hand there are also brokers that give the best performance. Here are some stock broker best rated of some of the awards. The award shows that the performance of the stock broker is good enough. Check out the full review of the broker best stock as follows:

Mandiri Sekuritas

One of the stock broker is best Mandiri Sekuritas, Mandiri Sekuritas had been awarded the Best Broker by the stock Exchange Indonesia. Mandiri Sekuritas also break the record stock transactions amounted to Rp 205 trillion. Not to stop there, Mandiri Sekuritas, also won four awards in the year 2018 at the Finance Asia Country Awards for Achievement.

Some of the awards that have been achieved in the Finance Asia Country Awards for Achievement is the Best Debt Capital Markets House, Best Investment Bank, Best Broker, Best Equity Capital Markets House. In addition, the Indonesia stock Exchange also provides the predicate Exchange Members the Best in the category of Growth Investors to Mandiri Sekuritas.


In addition Mandiri Securities, broker companies the best fall to the IndoPremier. This company has ever earned the title of the best broker in 2019. In addition, the securities with the PD also been awarded Indonesia’s Best Domestic Bond House in the event The Asset Asian Awards. Further, IndoPremier it has also received numerous awards since 2015. One of them is a Securities Company Best 2015.

Panin Sekuritas

Panin Sekuritas also not be underestimated because it is the broker of the stock achievements. This can be seen in the award obtained by Panin Sekuritas. Panin awarded IDX Appreciation 2018 as a Member of the Exchange Best in the category of Financial Performance in the year 2018. The company also received an award SPEx2 (Strategy into Performance Execution Excellence) with a special theme that is Navigating the Digital Shift in the securities industry of Tempo Media Group.

Trimegah Securities

One of the brokers best stock to fall to Trimegah Securities. The reason, the securities company was a lot of awards such as the Best Listed Company in 2017 in the sector securities and mutual funds held by the Magazine the Investor.

Phillip Securities

In addition to the stock broker that has been mentioned above, the stock broker the best the other is Philip Securities. The company’s award-winning Online Trading, Best of 2015 and get a Special Award category Best Social Activation. In addition there are still many other awards earned by Philip Securities.

The Role Of Stock Broker

After knowing the list of stock broker best, then you must ask what is the role of a stock broker is actually. The main role of stock broker or the company of the securities is as an intermediary between investors with capital market transactions both in the stock market, bond, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment instruments.

In the stock market itself, the stock broker would be the intermediary between investors with the buyer of shares on the stock exchange. Moreover, securities companies have a role to support the existence of the capital market in relation to smooth the round stock and information.

Function Of The Stock Broker


Function of the stock broker the first is as an underwriter. The activity of the brokerage company is to provide a public offering of securities of the issuer company listed on the stock exchange with or without the obligation to purchase securities that are not sold. Securities companies also served as the underwriter when the company was about to Go Public or commonly known with the initial public offering (IPO)

Securities Brokerage

In addition to an underwriter, broker stock also serve as intermediaries of securities trading. Stock Broker becomes the intermediary investors and the capital market in a stock transaction. The company also has a duty to trade securities for the benefit of themselves, the customer, as well as other parties.

Hopefully the information about a stock broker best can be beneficial to you, yes. Make sure you choose a stock broker best before the start of the investment shares.

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