Tips Property Business Without Capital For Beginners

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Ibbroker.canovel – The property business is promising huge profits. This is because property prices tend to increase and the presence of a high demand for property. Starting from the place of residence to the place of business.

Most people consider doing business property requires a large capital, even for such property. However, how about the beginners who want to try the business property? As it turns out, business property can be done with little capital. To find out, let’s check out this article that discusses:

Definition Of Business Property

Opportunities Business Property, Select which ones?
1. Property agent
2. Property developer (developers)
3. Intermediary Of Sales
4. Property Investor
1. Do This Way When The Property Business Without Capital
2. Models of Business Property that Can be Run
1. Jual beli rumah
Land for sale
Shop house (ruko)
The Main thing that Need to be Considered When Starting a Business Property

Definition Of Business Property

Business property can be defined as the activity of buying and selling land, buildings, and rent various types of properties. This property can be in the form of a residence such as houses, apartments, flats, and villas or properties that can be used for business such as shop and office.

Opportunities Business Property, Select which ones?

There are several roles in the business of property that must be understood, such as property agent, developer or developer of the property, sales intermediaries or brokers, and property investors. The fourth role, this could be Your opportunity in the property business. Guess-guess which one best fits You?

  1. Property agent

Also called brokers or marketing, property agent is an intermediary between sellers and buyers who usually works for a company and offers more than one property.

  1. Property developer (developers)

As it turns out, the term property developers not only for large and reputable company that You usually hear in the world of property. If You have a plot of land and want to build some houses or cluster of small-scale and then sell it, You can already be said as a developer. You are interested?

That must be considered in becoming a developer is to make sure the land is in a strategic location and much coveted people, understand the legality by checking the certificate that exists including the matter of licensing the building PERMIT, site plan, and land use. Don’t forget to make a master plan or master plan development guidelines that include site plan, image path and time of implementation.

  1. Intermediary Of Sales

Sales intermediaries are individual businesses that connect sellers with buyers. Often times, the profession as an intermediary for the sale of flow only because of the help of your friends or family find a home or other property.

The task of the intermediary conventional generally find tenants, buyers, or sellers who are interested in a property. Reporting from the Compass, the commission system that is used for results that can achieve 2.5% of the price of the property.

Profession as an intermediate sale is suitable for beginners who want to plunge property business without having a lot of capital. All You need is a pulse and the quota of the internet to advertise on social media and contact potential buyers and sellers.

  1. Property Investor

As the name implies, property investors are people who invest or buy a property for resale or rent. Because the price of the property and the needs of the community will be the place of residence is likely to continue to increase, invest a promising advantages are not messing around. In fact, according to the page CNBC Make It, the billionaire Andrew Carnegie reveal 90 percent of the billionaire became wealthy due to investing in property.

Do This Way When The Property Business Without Capital

Don’t be discouraged when the modal pas-pasan, even without any capital at all when you want to do. There are several ways that You can do to property business You win.

  • Industrious see advertising a property on the internet, newspapers, and billboards in the street then offer to colleagues or Your family. Peg price is a little higher so that when the property is sold, You get the advantage.
  • If there are relatives who are looking for a property, do not hesitate to seek more information about the desired property, area, location, and other details. From that info, try to get the properties as desired.
  • Diligent went to the location of housing, property exhibition, and get acquainted with the seller as well as the offers of cooperation. If there is already an agreement, You can search for buyers, advertise on social media, the marketplace, and more.

The following four models of business property that You can do.

  1. Jual beli rumah
    You as an intermediary of the property will find a home to be offered to the buyer. After successfully, You will benefit from the commission which has been agreed upon.
  2. Land for sale
    If Your capital is zero, the land business for sale can be done by working together with the owner of the land. What’s more, when the owner of the land in need of money fast, usually the land will be for sale with the cheap price. You can easily find a buyer.
  3. Shop house (ruko)
    You can buy a shop a strategic location for selling. So You can rent it out and get passive income per month or per year. If the price ruko rose rapidly, You can sell it and get profit.

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